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The safe route to your destination

Select your destination

Swalk will suggest a safe route and will color the streets in green, yellow or red, telling you where to be careful and where you are safe.

Report a crime

With your report and the one from your friends we make safer routes

We want you to be safe

Swalk uses the official police data and the crimes reported by users like you to determine the safety level of each street in real time

Download the test version

 You don’t live in Mexico City/Puebla or you don’t have Android?

We’ll notify you when Swalk becomes
available in your city and for iOS!



The best routes

Thanks to its intelligent algorithms based on predictive analytics, Swalk is able to take you safely to your destination

Avoid unsafe areas

Avoid being in dangerous, badly lit or lonely streets and go trough the best routes

In Mexico City, every 6 seconds a person is victim of a crime

More than 29 million crimes happen in Mexico every year and only 7% of these crimes are reported

It’s your choice, be part of the solution!

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